NDC Engineering specializes in environmental investigations, remediation, contaminant management and environmental forensics. In addition, we supply project management, environmental reviews, permitting services, and regulatory support and compliance. Our team members are highly experienced in environmental assessment, contaminant fate and transport, environmental forensic techniques and emerging statistical tools.

We also provide petrochemical consulting services to assist with process improvement, new product development, quality assurance, and catalyst characterization and screening.

NDC Engineering provides engineering consulting services. We utilize novel design concepts, exploring potential applications of emerging technologies and tools to successfully execute each project.

Based in Calgary, Alberta, NDC Engineering provides environmental, compliance, natural resources, integrity engineering and management solutions to public and private sector clients.  Our highly experienced professionals specialize in environmental site characterizations, site remediation, contaminant management, engineering integrity solutions, and environmental forensics.  We offer sustainable concepts and incorporate emerging and novel design strategies throughout the project delivery and execution processes.   

"Our focus is to bring forward alternative options to the energy industry and assist our clients in maximizing their capital expenditures through our technical proficiency, responsive service, and judicious use of client resources," added Norlito Cezar, M.Sc., P.Eng., President and Lead Environmental Engineer.