NDC Engineering specializes in environmental investigations, remediation, contaminant management and environmental forensics. In addition, we supply project management, environmental reviews, permitting services, and regulatory support and compliance. Our team members are highly experienced in environmental assessment, contaminant fate and transport, environmental forensic techniques and emerging statistical tools.

We also provide petrochemical consulting services to assist with process improvement, new product development, quality assurance, and catalyst characterization and screening.

Our Vision

To provide our clients with a systematic approach to the assessment of available physical, chemical and historical information, and cost-effectively develop novel engineering and design concepts using conventional and emerging tools, in a way that promotes respect for the environment and sustainable resource development.

Our Solutions

NDC provides engineering and environmental solutions to a wide range of industrial, government and public sector clients including:

  • Oil and Gas - Upstream, Midstream and Downstream
  • Commercial Property Clients - Land Developers, Commercial Building Property Management
  • Government Agencies - Federal, Provincial, Municipal
  • Private Companies - Private Companies and Individuals
  • Emerging Markets - Construction Companies, Logistics